We believe in the history of this ancient village

The Miramonti was born in 1927 in Pove del Grappa (VI) and was built with stones from the nearby marble quarries called LE PRIARE which in the local dialect means THE STONES. From these quarries in Pove, the blocks were taken which, squared one by one by hand, gave life to the ancient building that dominated the town. Miramonti was always at the forefront and in step with the times: the first landline phone in the country arrived here and therefore many people came to call, for example, relatives in America or the numerous emigrants abroad. There were queues to be able to hear loved ones for a moment. In the 1950s-60s, the Miramonti, as well as being a renowned hotel, became an important social meeting point and the pleasure of attending the place was discovered as well as for eating, and staying, also for dancing. In fact, on the ground floor of the structure there was a well-known dance floor where many gathered to dance and have fun. Another historical moment that Miramonti could not miss was the advent of television. In fact, the country's first television arrived here and everyone went to the venue just as it did for the telephone to see the carousel or those few black and white programs that Italian radio-television broadcast.

By visiting the Miramonti Hotel you will immerse yourself in an environment that still maintains its historic charm